Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rough day

I can't believe how I miss my dad. Today is the first time I've felt bad for missing my mother, but only a little. I'm beginning to understand that maybe I blame her for so much because she was my primary caretaker. My dad was my playmate. There is a big difference.


I think I'm just really lonely. My friend who joins me a couple times a week for a coke is laid up and I've no one else to talk to. I think I'm just jibber-jabbing. Sorry.


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child of God said...

Hi Ivory,
I hope you are having better days. I have noticed that the one who cares and disciplines usually gets the blunt end of the stick and only a few see past it to the love being poured out...tough love.

I am working with a group of teen girls and guys and I am learning that because I hold sound to the rules of our church and our youth pastor isn't, the kids don't like me as much as they like him. :( I never realized how hard a job it is truly loving and caring for these kids. I wonder if this is the same with you and your mom and dad situation.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Always praying for you dear one.