Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, Man Am I Slacking

This is kind of an off the wall post / thought, but:

Do any of you remember in grade school how your teacher(s) told you that "we" use the word "man" when the subject is both men and women or unknown?

I do. I remember it vividly because even at the age of 8 or 9, I demanded my own identity - not the watered down version of "general public." I remember asking my fourth grade teacher why she said "...he..." as she talked about a story we had just read. Most of the characters were young girls and women. Anyway, Mrs. Teacher told the whole class that "we" always revert to the masculine when describing both sexes together.

Oh, no I don't. Never did. Never will. Because of that teacher, I wrote "he AND she" when writing a paragraph about the story. She flipped out and gave me a mark off.

To this very day, I don't "defer" to anything or anyone unless its correct.

Okay, I'll now have some cheese to go with the wine.

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Just Be Real said...

You know, I never remember that coming from any of my teachers. But, then again, I was not the greatest student, and did not pay attention much. Certainly something I would question today though. Blessings dear one.