Saturday, June 25, 2011

Headaches Marching On

I haven't heard from my Dr. about the results of the CAT scan, so I'm thinking there was nothing abnormal going on. With the new meds my Dr. gave me last Friday, it took until last Sunday (the 19th) for my head to stop hurting, but the pain returned every day since then.  I was headache free most of Thursday afternoon and most of Friday. It was so nice, but I woke up this morning with a brand new headache, pounding its way through the early morning bird song that drifted through my open windows. I tried to relax and ignore it, but it soon made the tweeting sound like a jack-hammer.

I took some of my new meds and stayed in bed for a few more minutes. I thot about my recent therapy session. Actually, I thot about what I said to Mr.S about the CAT scan I was about to have. I told him I knew the machine would not pick up 8 waggling heads, some of them waving to the beams of light that were penetrating my skull, but for some reason, I was afraid I'd be "found out".

Sometimes, when Smoke is struggling with emotions or memories, I get a stabbing pain on the right side of my head. It's a sure sign she's been out - usually. However, I don't really get a headache from any of the others - or maybe it's the same type of pain, in the same place, that all of them create. I don't know.

The pain I'm having now is no where near the right side, exactly, it's all over. I've never had headaches before this except once when I was 18. I was worried I was about to go into a meltdown and I'd be at my Dr. office and they would all SEE, KNOW about my DID. It didn't happen, but it's left me worried, just the same.


armouris said...

more info on headache here - Types of Headaches

Missing In Sight said...

I suffer from migraines - usually induced by a lot of switching. I take medication for the migraines, which works only some of the time. Out of all the shots and pills they have me on, sometimes the only thing that works is a tranquilizer.

Pardon, the pun, Ivory, but I feel your pain, and it's no fun. Hope you feel better soon.

Sending safe hugs if you'll have them.

astridetal said...

Hi Ivory,
I'm here via the Carnival Against Child Abuse and decided to browse your blog a bit. I hope the results of the CT scan will be normal, but like you, I think if they found something, they'd called. I hope your headache gets better with the new medication.

Ivory said...

Armouris - I followed the link - Very informative! From what that says, I'm having a combination of cluster and migraines - ick!

Missing In Sight - You are right - it is absolutely no fun. Thanks for the hugs!

Astridetal - Thanks for the support. I hope my posts don't scare you away!

castorgirl said...

I also get migraines associated with switching and stress, and they're absolutely no fun whatsoever! I'm so sorry you're still getting them Ivory.

I often found that they had to play around with different meds to ease the pain. Often the straight migraine meds didn't work, and like Missing In Sight, they have to go to the older meds which have a tranquiliser effect.

How are you coping with your days considering the constant pain your in? It must be so difficult.

Sending positive thoughts your way,

Ivory said...

CG - Coping is such a small word for such a large endeavor! Actually, I don't know if I'd call what I do "coping". I just zone out and walk around like a zombie - if I'm able. At work, I walk slow, talk slow, think slow, or I just don't go to work. All that is relavant, tho, compared to the fact that I'm always afraid of "losing control" and one my alters coming out. Pain makes it hard for me to maintain a normal behavior.

Grace said...

I'm sorry for your pain!
I've heard cluster headaches are terrible!!!!
Hoping you've had some painfree moments today!
~ G.

Just Be Real said...

Came back by to give you a safe hug Ivory..... ((((Ivory))))