Friday, April 22, 2011

Blowing in the Wind

I am having problems with feeling secure and mondo issues trusting this week. Here's why:

My neighbor texted me to let me know there was another job opening where he works. I looked it up: OMG! $800 a month more than what I make now! No brainer, I'm going to apply. Okay, that can make me a little shaky. Change I don't mind unless it's a life-type of change. To make it all more intense, a favorite coworker of mine quit. Her last day was yesterday.

I realize that for most people, those two things wouldn't be much more than a few days of nervous eating, or a weekend of drinking. I'm not doing either. Instead, I'm freaking out - or well, other parts of me are freaking out. Littles don't like much change at all and they seem to be taking their cue from my emotional upset about it all.  It's quite difficult to deal with. And then there's...

I used to work for my T, so I was wondering if he would mind if I put his name down as a job reference. I called and left him a voicemail. I told him what I wanted and asked that he return my call. He always returns my calls.

Well, instead of T calling, his wife called. I think she has access to his phone msgs. She never said anything about my voicemail to him, but she talked about "the job". I haven't told her about the job - but I did tell T two weeks ago. [Original content here has been removed.]
Sh!t. Sh!t, Sh!t, Sh!t!

Am I just paranoid?



Journal of Healing said...

WOW. wow. seems to me to be a quite obvious breach of hipaa. wow.

mia from journal of healing.

castorgirl said...

Didn't you say that the wife does work in therapeutic practice? Did she get access to the voicemail through that capacity?

This sounds like something you need to raise with your T.

As an alternative scenario, if you were told about the job, I wonder if she was as well? Often when people are told about jobs, they ask who else the person has told about the job - as a way to scope out the opposition, so to speak. So that could be a possiblity.

But it sounds too close to the therapeutic relationship, that you need to raise it in therapy.

I'm sorry there are so many changes happening for you Ivory.

Sending positive thoughts your way,

Ivory said...

Journal of Healing - I didn't think I was just being paranoid!

Castorgirl, no, the wife is the secretary - sometimes. The person who told me about the job is one of the managers at the new place AND he doesn't know her. It was me who told T and I'm afraid HE told her. I'm screwed.

Just Be Real said...

Wow is what I am uttering as well. ((((Ivory))))

From Tracie said...

The situation with T's wife does not sound good. Definitely something that needs to be raised with him officially.

I'm sorry that all the changes are causing you stress....but $800 more a month is AWESOME! So Yay for that!

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Ouch. Are you sure the return call from the wife wasn't just based on your voicemail? You are good at boundaries so I hope you make it clear to him that a therapist's voicemail needs to be confidential.

Grace said...

I definately don't think you're being paranoid, Ivory. And obviously you're feeling insecure and nontrusting for very valid reasons.
Thinking of you...Grace

Shen said...

You definitely need to ask you t about the wife issue. I would be freaked out too if I thought my t was talking to ANYONE about me - especially in such a way that the other person had access to my name and phone number. That is not right.

I don't do well with change of any kind. I have panic attacks over the smallest shifts in my life, so I totally get the issue you are having with the job switch idea. Hope you can feel supported through the changes.

Kate said...

I'm sorry you are going through this and that it is so upsetting. There is no reason for her to be calling you, even if you know her, there is no reason for her to be calling you and talking about your life that you share in therapy with your therapist. She is a freak. I've never liked her from reading your blog.

So sorry.