Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monogrammed Muppet

I've gone thru this week like a Muppet, one with a large monogram on the front of my shirt that says, "Ivory's not home."

While at work, I've been an "efficient" muppet, so efficient I'm almost caught up (no one ever gets caught up). My laser beam focus kicked in on Monday morning and didn't fade until sometime Friday evening. It wore me out.

Yesterday, I did nothing except World of Warcraft until 11 a.m. A coworker talked me into trying it and gave me a trial code. It's not for me - it's a bit traumatizing to be attacked from behind when I can't see who it is (even tho a title pops up with the name of something I've never heard of before).

After that, I watched Jaws 1, 2, and 3. [Muppet, no strings] -- Day was pretty much shot after that.

However, I think I'm getting past the shock of [maybe] having another alter. It took awhile to get used to because I can't do red. Red has always put me into a tailspin - I'm talking the color red, like, you would never see me wearing red, I've never owned a red car (on purpose), I can't be next to, or close to, a person wearing red, and heaven help me if red paint were to ever accidentally spill on me. I'd probably have a stroke.

So, after totally wasting my Saturday, I think I'll work on my book today and try (again) to get it ready for sending to publishers.  -- After I do the morning JigZone puzzle and read some blog posts...


Shen said...

Wasted days are important, too... not really a waste at all.

One of these days I will get my book to a publisher as well. It is finished except for a final rewrite, and has been for almost a year. I just can't bring myself to truly finish a project. I think this is part of my woundedness, too, but I don't yet understand where it comes from.

Interesting about the color red. There must be something there yet to be undeerstood, as well. I am very sensitive to colors and will purposely choose to wear a color depending on my mood. It seems surprisingly important.

As far as another alter goes - I sometimes think there is an infinite number of these in me. Every event of my childhood seems attached to it's own little reactive part. I do understand what it's like when something new is coming up. You seem to be handling it well, so give yourself a pat on the back and an extra hour of goofing off. You deserve it.

Just Be Real said...

Ivory sorry for your struggles. Here listening....

From Tracie said...

My husband loves playing World of Warcraft...but I can not get into it. It jars me, and makes me feel off balance, somehow.

I hope this past week has been better for you!