Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where is the balance?

I can't make up my mind about whether to go to my next session. It's not till the 24th. I get to muddle thru all by myself until then. Up until my therapist's announcement a few weeks ago, I was okay with every other week, now, I could go every day. I don't want to go at all anymore, tho.

So here's what I'm dealing with in the mean-time, between sessions

Work is my only other "social" interaction. The coworker I've oft complained about has gotten a second job and because of that, her "day job" is suffering. Complaints are coming in from everywhere. If I'd be complaining, most would come from me. She's quite inept at computers and since a recent change in programs we are required to use, it's like asking a 7 year old to do her job.

She makes mistakes that she shouldn't and then acts like it's someone else's fault. She talked to one of MY clients on Friday and set the client off so badly I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with the client and promise her my coworker could not/would not influence my decisions. It was ugly.

If I say anything to anyone (like my boss) I'm told that I'm not handling things well and they ask if it's a "training issue". Hell no, it's not a training issue. I know my job and if I ever get enough time in the day, I'd get it done. My coworker has been at her job for 6 years and I am appauled she's gotten away with sand-bagging all this time. Truth is, until they hired me with the same (plus) title as my coworker, no one knew what she was doing. It's a mess.

There you have it. My job is making me nuts - not my dissociative identity disorder. Where is the balance?


Exhale said...

Feel your pain in regard to your t, change is always hard. Hope everything will work out better than you expect. As far as the coworker goes...that really sucks, hopefully the next time you take a holiday her true colors will shine through brightly!

Just Be Real said...

Here listening Ivory. Blessings.

Kerro said...

I'm here listening, too.

I also feel your pain about your T - so, so hard. Please go to your next appt, it might be an opportunity to work some of this through.

As for your coworker... I agree with exhale, let's hope she "shines" when you're next away. ;)

Bee said...

It is always interesting to me when something else is driving me nuts - not my DID.

I'm sorry this is a rough time for you. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. This past week has taught me that.