Monday, January 10, 2011

Clueless, But... Part 1

Ya know, just when I say something wonderfully insightful and positive, I get the rug pulled out from under me.   :'(

My last post, Better Therapy, Better Living is now MOOT.  I meant everything I said, but I hadn't had enough time to grow into it.

I went to my session this afternoon and I had all the things I wanted to say in my head (because I forgot my sticky note list) and I managed to say it all - at some point. But there was this nagging little voice that kept thumping me, trying to get me to shut up. I didn't listen. Two weeks ago, at my last session, the thumping was intrusive then, too.
So, I'm sitting there this afternoon feeling so proud of myself because I actually said what I wanted to say - you know, about my therapy and wanting to be able to cope, instead of just surviving. But I knew Mr.S had something on his mind.

Then, when I was about to jump up and yell at Mr.S to just tell me what he was thinking, he told me. He told me that he is probably leaving his practice and will be working for a large agency about 50 miles away. Oh, he promised that he will still be able to see me, but...


Michael Finley said...

I am so sorry. It is pretty unbelievable that this happened when it did. Never a good time there are sometimes that are worse than others.

I am still betting on you just so you know.

Exhale said...

That sucks but it's not impossible to keep talking to him. Instead of driving you could always set up sykpe appointments, I have other friends who do this and they say it works well when distance is an issue.
Think of you

Kerro said...

Oh Ivory, I'm so sorry. This is just cr*p.

Funny, though, how we are so in tune with what's going on with our Ts (much to their horror sometimes). I had a similar moment of intuition with my therapist recently.

Hang in there, you've been doing so great.