Saturday, October 9, 2010

Victims of Their Upbringing Pt. II

My mother. You have all read as I've droned on and on about how she doesn't like me, AND I will never know why she doesn't, so in the interest of stopping emotional abuse and child neglect, here is a challenge for some of you (even you guys) to take a look at your own parenting skills.

Do you do these things?

1.  When your child cries, do you ridicule? "Oh shut up, that makes me crazy." "Don't be a baby, you're too old to cry."
          First of all, SERIOUSLY? Crying makes you crazy? What about the child? Did you just make the child crazy? And second: NO ONE is too young to cry. Get over it.

2.  Do you notice when your child speaks to you? Do you speak respectively in return? Have you ever said, "Would you just let it go?"
          You should be so lucky if your child persists in speaking to you, don't screw it up by being insensitive. Your child might be testing the water, he or she might be trying to tell you something that he/she thinks will set you off, but it may be a prelude to the truth of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, etc. LISTEN

3.  Do you look at your child. Really look? What do you see? Discuss it with your child.

4.  Have you ever given your child(ren) the impression they are not as important as what the world thinks of YOU. not. not. not. Don't ever think your social status is more important than your child's needs. Even the simple needs, like being tucked in at night, being held when sad, stopping to ask, "What's on your mind?"

Social Status. It's such an ugly ugly ugly rot. That is why my parent's didn't notice me. They were too busy building social status. Know what? It didn't take. As soon as I hit puberty, POOF!, their social standing disappeared and they were just dirt-poor farmers again.


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