Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sorry everyone, I'm still here, really.

I'm still trying to avoid all links and removing identifying things to this blog. Just the fact that I'm writing this gives me away - probably. I've been so absent, in heart, body, and in mind.

Actually, I've been out of the state. I took time off from work, weird feeling. There was so much work to do and I couldn't get caught up before I left. Guess what? It's all still here!

Be Well!



Inner Family said...

I know it's no help, but I have no idea who you are. :-)

I just set up my blog and there are parts that are kinda freaked out about maybe someone figuring out who we are, but I can't see how. Someone would have to be familiar with us personally and looking at/for DID blogs which is so unlikely that I think my odds are better of winning the lottery.

For now, I'm just getting to know your blog a little better. I'm glad I found it!

Ivory said...

Hi! and welcome to my life. such as it is.
Actually, you are right. Except I stupidly gave someone my old email address, that was linked to my blog, that was linked to me...

I believed at the time there was nothing to worry about but then things changed and I'm sure she was googling me. Not my blog, not this blog, and not DID. I didn't want her to find anything and it was possible, had i not deleted posts, changed my email, etc. There are still a few back links out there and it is a slow process, but i cannot continue "talking" until I know the links are severed.

I'll follow your link back soon (if you don't mind) and I hope you come back when I'm able to post more.

Grace said...

Hi sweetie, I'm glad to *SEE* you - and I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

purple cupcakes said...

sorry for your pain right now but glad to see you are still around.

Ivory said...

Glad you still come by. I'll be posting again shortly i hope. Be well.

Purple cupcakes,
Thanks for your support. I love your name, by the way! Take care.

Just Be Real said...

I am sorry too, as I have neglected coming and visiting you here Ivory. ((((Ivory))))

Kerro said...

I'm sorry the blogosphere isn't feeling safe for you anymore. I miss you. I'm glad to see you as well. Please come back.


Between The Minds ~ The Beehive said...

It's good to see your still here! I hope you are able to make your blog safe again for you. That has got to be a horrible feeling... Come back when you can!


Ivory said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still working on being safe here. It may take some time, yet. It makes me feel wonderful to know you all are still out there!

Grace said...

Ivory, stopped by to let you know I'm still thinking of you...hoping you are okay

LostShadowChild said...

safety is the most important thing for us survivors. Take the time you need to build it again. (((hugs)))