Sunday, May 30, 2010

Only a Scare

Just letting you all know that all is benign and okay.

I didn't realize, tho, that I would be feeling so icky for so long. I thot I'd be ready to rock and roll by today and eeuuuwww. I just want to sleep.


Grace said...

Dearest Ivory,
Although I am sure it was very scary for you, I am so glad everything is benign. Please take gentle care of youself!
Thinking of you.... Grace

Kerro said...

Sleep is good. Sleep is important, especially if you had a general. It's no wonder you're feeling icky with the surgery and the stress of it all. Please take care of yourself.

Paul from Mind Parts said...

I am very happy to hear this great news!

forlothlorien said...

I am so glad that it is benign. What a scare! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ivory said...

Thanks everyone. You are all so wonderful and supportive. I am feeling better but no one told me it would ITCH!!!!!!!!!! Darn.