Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Sorry I've been gone for a month.

I've been trying to avoid being found out. It would be devastating. The email that will be showing is different from the one I had before going incognito, otherwise all is the same.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day!



Journal of Healing said...

Boy do i understand that! I've changed my link 4 times to stay anon. Welcome back!

Kerro said...

((Ivory)) I'm glad to see you back. Hope you are ok, and that you've found a way to stay in cognito.


Missing In Sight said...

Good to have you back! We missed you.

Michael Finley said...

Welcome back. I missed reading your blog.

Just Be Real said...

Thanks for returning. Sorry you have to take this route of secrecy. Blessings to you Ivory.

Ivory said...

Thanks everyone! I'll be posting again shortly, but for now, I'm buried in personal stuff but will be at it again in a few days.