Friday, February 12, 2010

Power and Control

I don't understand my co worker who is supposed to be training me, but leaves out just enough information so she can swoop in and 'save the day'. Makes me want to gag. She's getting frustrated because I am a good self-starter and have found ways to bypass her and get the info other places.

She was the only one of our kind in the office until I came along... with a degree. She is afraid to be second best, afraid of losing, afraid of looking uneducated.

I don't like to play office games, I don't do political games well, I will gladly give over 'power' to her, which I did, but she beats me up anyway (verbally, of course). The really weird thing is that I find many ways to like her (personally) and no way can I work with such a nut. She is OCD and repeats, repeats, repeats until I want to choke her. She spends all day re-doing the same single sheet of information because a comma is missing (or there) or the margin isn't just right, or the darn boxes are bold or thick enough. AAAAAahhhhhh!

I'd go find another job, but I've looked, there aren't any. I even have tried talking to my supervisor (and again today) and I get no where. I'm so angry and I wish I could find another job.


Kate said...

I'm sorry that you are dealing with someone like that. Of course she is feeling jealous and inadequate. There is really nothing you can do about that. That is her problem. Good for you for finding ways to problem solve out of the puzzles she puts you into without all the puzzle pieces.

I know it is a hard time to find another job right now. I hope that you can manage to get through this. Good and healing thoughts to you.


Just Be Real said...

Ivory, first off, thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my blog. Helps me a lot.

I have a co-worker as you do. It is called "job-security." Holding out just enough. Sorry you have this going on. Pray that you can get through this. Blessings.

Grace said...

Hi Ivory,
I'm sorry you're dealing with this in-the-office-irritant. I have found that people who hold the control card are insecure and afraid. They live in fear of being replaced. In my professional career, I was once told, "You are only as good as the staff who works for you." and "Ask yourself if you were to move up, who would take your place." I think it's important to empower people, and teach people what you know. That's called mentoring -but people who are insecure and afraid do not see this.
I don't know that you can change her, but I also don't think you should let your 'run' you off. You can only change how you see her. That probably isn't very helpful, huh?
Sending you peace and strength to continue dealing with her ~ Grace

Michael Finley said...

I am with the others.

Sounds like the co-worker is afraid.

Ivory said...

Kate - Thanks. I am looking for another job, there just aren't any - especially in a small community.

JBR - I hope I can get thru it too, problem is, if I'm blogging about it, it's to the point I can't take it. Every time I'm blindsided and ambushed, she runs to the Mngr (who has no business being one) and then I get nasty emails from her.

Grace - She is running me off because I know that type of personality cannot be changed. She is also OCD and has no insight. I talked to T and he said the only way to 'train' her to leave me alone is to 'wound' her ego. It's not my job to keep her in line but our manager is no leader. Her instructions for me was to teach me everything she knows. Fat chance of that happening.

Michael - Thank you for the support. I don't know how I'd get thru this with everyone!

Shen said...

yes, it sounds like the co-worker is afraid. Also, she sounds like a power-freak. The mind games - not telling you all you need to know to do the job well - that is something I have a very hard time with in my own life. It is what I grew up with, power plays and mind games and one-upmanship from my own father. It has made me hyper-sensitive to it in the rest of my life.

It seems as you become more acclimated - know all the things you need to know to do the job - it will become less of an issue. As long as you remember it is HER stuff and not yours, you will be okay. It's a shame to have to live with that on a daily basis, but it isn't really about you at all.