Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Cake

TADA: Here's the cake. It was beautiful if I have to say so myself. My daughter thot it was and that's all that counted, really. She used real dahlias because she wanted so badly for my dad to be there and he grew and loved dahlias as a hobby.
I'll write more later, I'm beat. Nite all.



Just Be Real said...

Beautiful cake. I can just imagine how your daughter looked. Thank you for sharing.... blessings....

VICKI IN AZ said...

Stunning and precious.

I love it with those colors.
You did a beautiful job. How I would love to taste that cake, Yummy!

♥ You,

Kate said...

So beautiful!


castorgirl said...

Ohhhh beautiful!!! I love the piping work you did and the dahlias add a lovely splash of colour.

I hope it was a great day for you all :)

Take care and get some well deserved rest.

Ivory said...

Thank you all! My daughter loved it and that made me so happy! It was so heart warming to share something with her that was so special to her. (I used to make which ever wedding cake she thot was pretty, all the while she was growing up).

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Wonderful!!!! Can I have a flower???

Ivory said...

Yes, consider yourself flowered!

It's the first time I've made a cake and didn't make flowers out of icing but her choice of flower and color were perfect.

Shen said...

that is awesome! I absolutely love the connection of the flowers representing someone she loves.


Ivory said...

Thanks! She loved my dad and she was his favorite, everyone could tell. They were a close fit from the time he first held her when she was 10 days old. I still have the picture and she cries every time she looks at it.

He's been gone for 5 years. She didn't invite any other of my family members, so it was bitter-sweet.