Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moon, I

The sky burned with the remnants of flames, brilliant shafts reaching away from the ominous darkness of night as if to forgo the conclusion of itself. Stretching and pulling at the flames, the sun sank slowly to the horizon. The molten orb appeared to settle into position, the last fingers of reluctant electric orange giving way to dark blue.

Inhaling deeply, Moon closed her eyes to the inevitable. The fresh scent of freedom and wildness brought a small welcomed relief to the struggle of the moment. The coolness of the night air began to curl around her, claiming her as its own.
The sun was now but a sliver of itself, clinging tenaciously to the edge of the horizon. Moon did not want the day to end and spoke to the sun, “Please stay.”
Then, the day slipped into memory - majestic, softly..
Feeling lost and alone, Moon looked up into the heavens. The darkness had reclaimed ownership of the sky from the sun, allowing ribbons of frost to meander through the air, disturbing the silence. Moon searched the dark skyline for where the sun had lost its grip and slipped beneath the world. Finding nothing, she sighed, allowing herself to surrender to the darkness in preparation of the journey back to another day.
On the wind came an owl's triumphant war cry and a rabbit's last scream of defeat. Silence quickly folded around the echoes and in the distance, from the stillness of a memory, Moon heard the whispered suggestion of a morning struggling to be free.
Note: As far as I’m aware, I don’t have an alter named Moon, yet this story flowed as if by another. The story actually began driven by desperation to stop nightmares. In a way, it finds the part of me who still believes there is a reason for everything that happens – that very small part of me who still believes there is balance in the world and something greater than myself.


VICKI IN AZ said...

A story such as this one must have flowed seamless from inside. It is breathtakingly beautiful.
May you find release from the nightmares and never stop believing.

jumpinginpuddles said...

just because you arent aware doesnt mean they arent there LOL

Ivory said...

Thank you very much. This is the first time I've written something that I didn't edit to death.

How do I know, when will I know? Thanks for stopping by.

Just Be Real said...

How interesting this story came about because of the desire to end the nightmares. Yes, there is something greater than yourself, greater than myself, greater than all of us.....you know where I am going with this....

Thanks for sharing Ivory.

Ivory said...

Yes, I have a good guess where this was going! Thank you for beautiful insight.

beauty said...


This is quite beautiful writing, it seems to flow effortlessly. You left a comment on my blog that you've always wanted to use your writing to touch others, and you've accomplished that with this little piece.

I do hope you keep it up!

I've more than one alter who writes, and I always do better when I allow the writers inside to express themselves.

Ivory said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement and for the wonderful compliment.

I agree, letting them take over sometimes - is a good thing. I do my best work when I'm letting it come from somewhere deep inside. I don't have the ability to "talk" to my alters, or at will, anyway, so my writing is the only part of my life I can see the difference between if/when I communicate with them and when there is no communication.

Again, thank you.

VICKI IN AZ said...

I love that you visited my blog. Thank You for your sweet comment.

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Very nice! It's interesting to note that the moon always sees the sun, except on those rare occasions of lunar eclipse. Paul.

Just Be Real said...

Dear one, thinking about you and hoping your sleep is better.

Ivory said...

Leave it to you to see the lack of logical physics! :)
However, it is true to how I feel in that I'm always on the cusp of life, the cusp of complete memory and understanding, and of true enlightenment. And so I begin again. Nightmares keep me from it all, while terrifying me with glimpses of it. It becomes a vicious circle. I appreciate your input, thanks for coming by.

Sometimes sleep is great. The more I remember about my childhood, the more tumultuous my dreams become until I reach understanding, and then sleep is so nice because it is not interrupted all thru the night. Thanks for caring.