Friday, March 13, 2009

Nightmares - Pt. 2

I needed a project and thought I would write some little thing about the sun and the moon. Until it was nearly finished, I didn't realize it was written from my deep desire to sleep free from nightmares.

I have dreams of demons nearly every night. Every night, I chant a mantra before going to bed: Please don't come tonight - Please don't come tonight. I pray to every known deity to bless my dreams. The boogie-men I know never hid in the closet or under the bed, they walked right in through the front door.

Moon, I

The sky burned with the remnants of flames licking upward toward the darkness of night. The setting sun stretched and pulled at the flames as it sank slowly to the horizon. The molten orb appeared to settle into position before lowering itself from the day; the last fingers of electric orange giving way to dark blue.

Moon closed her eyes, inhaling the fresh scent of a new evening bringing with it a small welcomed relief to the significance of the moment. She sensed the finality of the darkness, recognized the incurable sense of the inevitable and she felt small.

The sun was but a sliver of itself, clinging tenaciously to the edge of the horizon. Moon knew the day would end, the fire of light would turn to ash, and she wished the sun could stay. Stay for just one more hour.

And then, the day slipped into memory as softly as a single breath escapes a newborn's lips.

Feeling lost and alone, Moon looked up into the heavens. The darkness had reclaimed ownership of the sky from the sun, allowing ribbons of frost to meander through the air, disturbing the silence. Moon searched the darkened skyline for where the sun had lost its grip and slipped beneath the world. Finding nothing but the twinkling of stars, she surrendered to the darkness to begin the journey back to another day.

On the wind came an owl's triumphant war cry and a rabbit's scream of defeat. Silence folded around the echoes of the hunt and in the distance, from the stillness of a memory, Moon heard the whispered suggestion of a morning struggling to be free...

Note: I don't have an alter who calls herself Moon.


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Kate said...

So beautiful, I have no words.

Good and healing thoughts for your sleep.