Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's the Martian?

I have just begun to find other DID people. It is almost like stepping off an airplane and into a new world. Most of my life, I've believed everyone was like me, only no one talked about it. On the other hand, now that I understand the majority of the population believes I am "disordered", I sometimes people-watch and wonder how they get thru their day with no one to take over. I wonder how they rest up or relieve stress if they have to BE THERE all the time.

A college Professor once made the observation that everything/everyone might have originally been hermaphrodite. He queried that an abnormal and dominant gene mutation might have caused the disorder of having only one reproductive set. His point was that just because the majority is different, doesn't mean it's "right". Mmmmm...



castorgirl said...

We also thought everyone was dissociative/multiple and they just didn't talk about it. It's difficult to understand that the only way we've known of living this life is called a "disorder".
Take care...
Sophie :)

Ivory said...

Hello Castorgirl!
I am uncomfortable with being considered a disorder, too. I felt like scourge of the earth, when I found out not everyone was like me. My daughter has a unique way of describing people with DID: "Gee, Mom! You people have, like, super powers!" (isn't she wonderful?)
What if the way we survived and evolved is actually the way it's supposed to work? I'm not a fan of labeling.

Glad you stopped by and have a wonderful day!


Kate said...

Hi Ivory,

I love that, superpowers, yeah we do.

I always knew inside that I was different and that others were not like me. I always knew that I had to keep it a secret.

I think that people who have not gone through the abuses that multiples have gone through and who do not have to deal with the daily reality of being split up from themselves, they have it much easier when it comes to coping, stress, daily life, anxiety and fears. So I truly think that they have it easier all around.

Good and healing thoughts to yous.


Ivory said...

Actually, my daughter thinks I have super powers! I have the uncanny knack of "knowing things" sometimes that I shouldn't know, like before a phone rings or to call a friend because they've been hurt.

I don't think it's super powers at all but just a "multiple" sensitivity. It's fun talking about it tho!