Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sybil Lifetime Movie 2009

I watched the original movie, Sybil, and Saturday, I watched the remake. Okay, I recorded it, too, to watch again later. It was difficult to watch the first one but curiosity pushed me on. Even though I knew what to expect with this latest one, there were times I wanted to scream, a few times I needed to break something, and a few times I lost time.

The most remarkable thing about this remake is how much I can identify with Sybil's fears, reactions, and desperation. I could have been on the set, telling the director what I would do next.

The most disturbing reality for me, though, is Sybil's worry of being institutionalized. It is a constant issue, even though I have reassurances from my therapist he would never do that to me. He has also promised emphatically he will not allow anyone else to have me committed, either. My daughter assures me the same. I know I shouldn't worry...

Gettin' thru the day,


Just Be Real said...

I have only seen the first one, with Sally Field's and that was powerful enough for me!

So sorry this triggered you!

Ivory said...


I have to work on not watching movies like this. It's like a train wreck, I can't take my eyes off of it and then I pay for it.

Have you seen Secret Window? I bet not. I didn't know what the plot was and I'm glad I was sitting in the theater with my daughter. She figured it out about 15 minutes after I did and tried desperately to get me out of the theater. It was shocking - but like I said - it's a train wreck!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


Kate said...

Hi Ivory,

I haven't seen the re-make, but it sounds like I might find it worth watching.

I can relate to the fear of being locked up. I dealt with that all my childhood thanks to my mother's threats. And it is the reason that I could not go in-hospital, even when I needed it.

Good and healing thoughts to yous.


Ivory said...


My T (bless him) has done everything in his power to keep me out of hospitals/treatment centers. he knows it might jeopardize insurance or job ops. Still, I know sometimes, he's a heartbeat away from choosing 72 hour lockup.

Thanks for stopping by.