Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have a bear, his name is Booker. He was born at Borders book store. My daughter adopted him and gave him to me for me to love. He is much loved by my youngest alter, Pink. She has been close by for the last week or so and because of that, the dream I want to share with you doesn't surprise me at all...
This morning just before I woke up (the 3rd and final time) I had a very upsetting dream. This dream was in vivid color. Booker had to have brain surgery. I saw him laying on the operating table; he was so small, and he couldn't move. He didn't have a blanket on and I worried he would be cold, but he lay so still. There was white tape wrapped around his arm with tubes coming out of it and I worried the tape would pull his hair out when it was removed. But on his little head! Oh, my gosh! His little head had a big metal thing attached to it to hold it still and I couldn't see any of the top of his head or his little ears because the metal thing that held his head secure had a white sheet coming out of it that stood up high, like a curtain. I dared not look that way!

The surgeon sat on a chair facing Booker's head and I could hear the clinking of metal tools as the surgeon picked them up and put them down. I couldn't stand the thought of losing Booker. What if he died there all alone? And then I woke up.

It took all day for me to relay this dream to my daughter w/o crying. Incidentally, Pink is no longer close enough for me to feel her presence.



Kate said...

I'm sorry that you had such a bad dream. It would be upsetting for me as well. We have lots and lots of stuffies and we get very protective and emotional about them.


Ivory said...

So sad, really. Goes to show just how many friends I [don't] have. But I love Booker! I have a few others, too.

Kate said...

Hi Ivory,

Well you are a lovely person so there is no reason that you cannot have friends that really love and care about you. And you don't have to give up the stuffies either.

Not everyone believes that multiples are "dangerous" and unstable people. Especially not multiples.

Good and healing thoughts to yous.